Corfu is an island in the Ionian sea at the west side of Greece.

Island unified with mother Greece.

Corfu was designated for the UNESCO World heritage List.

The visitor that will wander around the city of Corfu, will have the chance to discover the 'heritage' that nature and man gave to Corfu.

Palaces, fortresses, museums, libraries, galleries, churches, interesting public buildings and archaeological sites, sites of natural and special interest, traditional houses, verdurous olive groves and picturesque ports.

Corfu is also known for its idyllic beaches with their crystal clear waters.

The beaches range from sandy to pebbly and rocky but all of them offer a unique experience.

The nightlife in the island is an adventure with many bars, clubs, restaurants and cafes that cover all tastes.

Corfu is a destination for those who seek either or both, relaxation and excitement

Enjoy …